Fear is a funny thing.

Most of us would agree that being chased by an angry Grizzly bear (what Grizzly bear isn’t angry, right? - HA!) through the forest is a reason to be afraid. But, how many of us would be quaking in our paws at the occurrence of a refreshing Spring shower, maybe with a little bit of rumbling thunder thrown in for effect?

Martini’s paw shoots straight up in reply…”Woof, Woof, Woof!” Gotcha, big boy!

Yep, Martini, brave chaser of hummingbirds, watchdog for the garbage truck, and howler at the full moon (and werewolves…ok, coyotes, from the safety of the front deck – HA!), is an absolute chicken when it comes to a few drips of rain. And Lordy, let one flash of lightning brighten the horizon, and watch out if you’re in his pathway to the nearest closet door!

“Wake me when it’s over.”

Well, it seems Martini’s not the only furry chicken out there. It may be the majority and not the minority of our canine…pals (almost said Masters – LOL) have an unbridled and deep-seated FEAR of thunder and lightning, and even a light springtime sprinkle. And this is why Toons has fallen in love with his nice and cozy…

around the ranchh hh

Anxiety Thunder Vest!

Yes, there’s something in the psychology of human’s best friend that makes them feel better just being hugged. And that’s exactly the purpose of the Thunder Vest. It gently wraps Toons in a soft, comfy, “don’t worry about it”, snug hug, and chases all his shivers and shakes away, until one of those magnificent New Mexico rainbows spreads across the sky. And you know how Toons luvs rainbows.

Martini has told all of his furry compadres, including a few furry kitties, that Spring is here with Summer on it’s heels, and that means ‘Flash, BOOM BOOM, Rain-Rain-Rain!’ But, no worries. Because with his Anxiety Thunder Vest, there is always another rainbow just around the corner.

If your furry friends need a little love and comfort when the weather threatens, try our Anxiety Thunder Vest. They’ll be glad you did.

around the ranchh hh