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So, Why did we start ‘Around-the-Ranch HH…with Martini!’? To give all of our Visitors a mini-vacation.

Marty and I know how repetitive, humdrum, and frankly, boring, Life can sometimes get, and what a difference getting away from it all, even for just a few minutes, can make. And being the jovial, big-hearted pooch Toons is, he said, “We’ve got to do something about this situation…something to brighten up humans’ day (or night), put a smile on their mugs, and start their tails a-wagging.” The Toons is seldom wrong, so I said, “Yep, you’re right.”

So, we went out to the corral, took a look around, and wouldn’t you know, right there in front of us, an amazing, New Mexico, double rainbow. Well, in the wiggle of a cold nose, Marty pulls out his cell phone (yep, he’s got his own…uses bark recognition to dial), and snapped the glorious, magical shot you can see on our first page.

If you have had a chance to browse our store, as you might imagine, Martini is a big fan of color. And rainbows are IT for him. And guess what his favorite tune is? You got it: OVER THE RAINBOW. It brings a tear to his eye whenever he hears it, BUT…it also puts a huge smile on his mug and starts his tail a-wagging. Because, at that moment, he knows all he’s got to do to change his world, is…click his paws (actually his toenails - HA!) together, 3 times, and he is wherever he wants to be. SHAZZAM! (Marty’s favorite saying.)

“That’s it!’, he barked! “We’ve got to give ‘em a vacation, and we’ll do it through colors!”

While it’s a little difficult to connect the dots in Marty’s logic sometimes, I’ve learned to simply nod my head, and say, “Yep”, because the little fur-ball is seldom wrong.

So, if you get nothing else from visiting Around-the-Ranch HH…with Martini (and me), we hope you will leave with a big smile on your mug, and your tails a-wagging. And the Toons wanted me to be sure you knew you are invited back any time you need, or just want, to go on a mini-vacation…and feel free to browse our very colorful products (The Jewelry Corner is Marty’s favorite - - so Colorful!) while you’re here. Martini says, “You just might find something that will change your world.” Yep.

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