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Gifts Of Gratitude - The Joyful Adventures Of A Life Well Lived

About Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker

National award-winning documentarian Elizabeth Baker has led a joyful life full of adventures doing the things she loves.  In her first book Gifts of Gratitude – The Joyful Adventures of a Life Well Lived, published by Burman Books, in 2013 (, she narrates a series of inspiring experiences that are in turn both purposeful and ungoverned.  She recently finished her third documentary film: We Know Not What We Do (, which has gained international attention and is now in worldwide distribution. This was followed up by her second book, We Know Not What We Do, as a companion book to the film. Gaylynn now resides in Los Angeles and is making her return to acting after a 58-year hiatus!

This book is for you - if you are searching for your own true way. 
It is a collection of deeply stirring stories about the stunning adventures that can come your way when you open your heart.
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