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  • We Know Not What We Do
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We Know Not What We Do (Based On The Award-Winning Documentary)

About Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker

National award-winning documentarian Elizabeth Baker has led a joyful life full of adventures doing the things she loves.  In her first book Gifts of Gratitude – The Joyful Adventures of a Life Well Lived, published by Burman Books, in 2013 (, she narrates a series of inspiring experiences that are in turn both purposeful and ungoverned.  She recently she finished her third documentary film: We Know Not What We Do (, which has gained international attention and is now in world-wide distribution. This was followed up by her second book, We Know Not What We Do, as a companion book to the film. Gaylynn now resides in Los Angeles and is making her return to acting after a 58-year hiatus!

Based on Ms. Baker's award-winning documentary,  comes a book on climate change like no other. Her revelations will leave you thinking about your planet, and your life, in a new and exciting way.  $16.95 sale $12.95